About us

We wanted to answer to consumers’ needs for simple, yet efficient and safe cosmetic and products made by pharmacists.

VZK Laboratory brand was created in the pharmacy.

We wanted to answer to consumers’ needs for simple, yet efficient and safe cosmetic and products made by pharmacists.

Our story begins in 2008. when our interdisciplinary team lead by renowned dermatologist Professor Dr.Milojević started working on our first three products. The idea was to base the research and development on well-established and tested traditional formulas and enhance them with up-to-date expertise and innovations, in order to create the safe, reliable and effective products that would answer all the needs of our consumers.

“Veoma Zdrava Krema”

Our brand name directly resembles our idea:

simple and safe cosmetic products.

Literally meaning: ”Very Healthy Cream”, this simple abbreviation shortly became recognizable and well-trusted brand name on the local and regional markets.

VZK brand family started with following 3 products: 

  1. Hydrating face cream
  2. Intensive hydrating cream
  3. Lip balm

From this moment, the VZK family continued to grow!

VZK started as a private label brand in a pharmacy, but our products shortly found their way to the large number of satisfied consumers. Due to their efficiency and consistent quality, our original products had opened the way for many new ones, in order to fulfill the wishes and expectations of our consumers. Our product range has constantly kept on growing, reaching the present number of 75 various products, covering different aspects of cosmetic care, for individual and family users alike.

Story behind VZK Laboratory label.